I love the thought of having a space you can change up every once in a while, or daily depending on how the space is to be used that day. This is especially useful for conference space and co-working locations, as it means you can adapt to the needs of your client and provide a space that works for everyone.

Isn't it great how advances in technology have allowed us the creativity to invent items able to easily adapt a whole space - regardless of it being a massive 2000 sqm floor or a small boutique offering?  While the businesses in this article are in the US, it does show how things could look - if we can get it right.

Evolution of the open workplace

I am not promising all of the exciting movable items mentioned in this piece.  However, if you would like a space that helps you work the way you would like, with meeting space and stand up desks included, then contact us today.  Tel: 04 555 0716 or email:
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